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Smoking Cessation

The traditional and commercial methods for smoking cessation do not work for everyone. Many of our clients have tried one or more of the following methods: cold turkey, reduction of the number of cigarettes per day, nicotine patches or gum, e. cigarettes, acupunture etc. What we offer them instead is a one-off hypnosis session that goes to the heart of the problem. And, we are pleased to say that the majority of these clients are no longer addicts and are no longer tempted to smoke, even in the company of other smokers.

If you are a smoker, and you feel ready to give up, please get in touch with Paul our resident counsellor and hypnosis specialist. His fee includes, a 60 minute telephone consultation, a 2 hour hypnosis session at his healing studio in Portimao, and finally, 2 telephone calls to monitor your progress and inspire you to keep up the good work.

In our experience most clients just require one hypnosis session, but some clients do require additional sessions of combined counselling and hypnosis to support their individual cessation process.

Fee: 150,00 euros Additional 1 hour treatments = 65,00 euros.

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