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"One of the most important gifts we can give our children - Positive Self Esteem"

Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves. 

By Paul Jokinen-Carter, in Health, Lifestyle, Health for the new age · 02 Aug 2022 · 

The health hazards of wearing too tight clothing

by Natural Joki Flow's Holistic Therapist, Paul Jokinen-Carter

By Paul Jokinen-Carter,

in The Portugal News Lifestyle

self esteem.jpg

August 02, 2022

If we mostly have positive self-esteem we are likely to approach things thinking we are a good person who deserves love and support and can achieve great things in our life. However, if we are mostly with low or negative self-esteem we will generally think we are not good at things, don’t deserve love or support, and that situations will not work out great for us.  Read more

26 June 2022

It isn’t a comfortable experience in being According to leading health professionals such as heart specialists and dermatologists, and regardless of whether you are a man or woman, wearing tight underwear, jeans/trousers and socks can be very damaging to your health. Read more

The importance of wearing the correct bra size

According to detailed research, four out of five women are wearing the wrong bra size. Ouch!...that's a lot of women in discomfort.

By Paul Jokinen-Carter, in The Portugal News Community 

How to support someone with a health problem

Part 1 - Effective Communication by Holistic Therapist, Paul Jokinen-Carter from Natural Joki Flow

in Health for the new age

communication part 1.jpg

May 29, 2022

We have personally discovered from our experience in working with female clients that symptoms such as back pain, shoulder discomfort, incorrect posture (hunched shoulders for example) and burning pain around the heart region can simply be due to an incorrect bra fitting. When those clients took the necessary steps to find the correct size they discovered that many of those nagging symptoms disappeared. Read more

Apr 26, 2022

If you have ever felt lost for words or helpless as to what to do support a loved one or friend who has ill health, you are certainly not alone. 

Quite often out of embarrassment we may say or do the wrong thing and then end up walking on egg shells to avoid doing this again. Even health professionals can get it wrong, e.g. a friend who is undergoing cancer treatment was introduced to new hospital work colleagues, and his boss said "and this is ... and he has cancer!!". My friend found this insulting, and felt that his status shouldn't have been up for public discussion. Read more

How to support someone with a health problem

Part two - Active Listening

by Holisitic Therapist, Paul Jokinen-Carter from Natural Joki Flow

By Paul Jokinen-Carter, in Lifestyle, Health

A life changing treatment put me on the path to becoming a Holistic Therapist

Back in London in 2014, I was struggling to keep my floristry business going due to a very painful lower back. 

By Paul Jokinen-Carter, in The Portugal News  Health for the new age

Mobilisation Frozen Shoulder.jpg

May 19, 2022

Listening is especially important when we are trying to support a loved one during a period of illness.

We might think we're a good listener but during an emotionally charged conversation, our minds can become clouded with our own emotions, which in turn can block us from truly listening to each other. If a friend or family member has ever remarked to you, "You're such a good listener" it is very likely that you've been demonstrating one or more of the following aspects of active listening. In italics I have added some training notes with the hope that they'll help you to develop your skills further: Read more

May 14, 2021

Some days the pain was so debilitating that I could hardly move out of the bed. The spark that ignited my interest in a new career was a phone call I had with my mother, who still lives in Finland. I was complaining to her about my back pain and she relayed her own experience with a ‘miracle’ healer who had cured her back condition after just a few treatments. This healer, named Kari, has a busy practice in Helsinki. He conducts a very ancient healing treatment that is probably known to many Finnish readers of The Portugal News as Kalevalainen Jasenkorjaus. Read more

How to support someone who is grieving

Most of us have and will face a personal loss of a loved one, close friend or colleague at some point in our lives.

By Paul Jokinen-Carter, in The Portugal News  Health, Health for the new age 


26 Feb 2021

It isn’t a comfortable experience in being around someone who is in the process of grieving. We somehow want to make life good for them again, but instead we might feel lost for words and uncomfortable in not knowing how to support them. helpful health resources and healthy living recommendations. Informational articles can be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field and keep your visitors engaged and healthy. Read more

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