Holistic Treatments

At Natural Joki Flow, we aim to provide a Holistic approach to a client's health and well being, whether this is a physical problem, a mental health issue or simply a request for releasing stress and tension.

Joki Flow Mobilisation Therapy

Joki Flow Treatment can help you with multiple painful conditions by correcting your posture and relaxing the soft tissue, i.e. Fascia and nerve system. And at the same time working on your joints and relaxing your muscles. It is a pain free treatment, and can even correct leg length difference. In most cases we can correct the leg length of our clients which if neglected can affect movements of the hips and even the shoulders.   Read more or book the service


Holistic Massage

A relaxing and energising treatment for the whole body and mind. Read more or book the srvice


Reiki Healing

An energy healing that is both relaxing and energising for the whole body and mind.


Indian Head Massage

A relaxing and energising treatment for the shoulders, neck and scalp.

Indian head massage is an ancient massage technique that can be traced back to the ancient ways of Ayurvedic Indian health care. It has been used for over 3,000 years to improve overall health. Read more and book appointment


Counselling, Mindfulness and Hypnosis techniques

A talking therapy combined with mindfulness exercises and hypnosis techniques to help overcome issues relating to self confidence, smoking, overeating and relationship with others and one's self. Read more or Book the Service


Mix Joki Flow Therapy

A full Holistic Therapy using Mobilisation, Massage and Reiki.